Meaty Taco Dip

This Meaty Taco Dip is quick and easy to make plus you can make it ahead of time! It is packed with all the protein and yummy nutritious veggies to get you through those action packed football games! Trust me! You do not want to be hungry during the games because well.. hungry leads to hangry, especially when your team is not winning! Boo! But you can bet that this dip will be a winner no matter who is winning! Yes!

I beefed up my taco dip by adding lean ground beef and protein rich Greek yogurt! Greek yogurt is an excellent substitute for sour cream and a wonderful choice when you are trying to not let those pesky pounds creep up on you!

To make this yummy dip, start off by layering lean ground beef that has been mixed with green chiles, tomato sauce, and taco seasoning on the bottom of a large casserole dish. Then add a creamy layer made of a mixture of plain Greek yogurt, softened cream cheese, and more taco seasoning. Then sprinkle shredded cheese, fresh lettuce, chopped tomatoes, sliced jalapenos, and green onions on top.

Divide the dip into 6 equal portions and serve with your favorite "chip" alternative! I absolutely love sweet mini bell peppers, but sliced cucumbers, zucchini, or celery are also great choices!

Then devour all the delicious layers of taco seasoned ground beef, the creamy goodness of Greek yogurt and cream cheese, shredded cheddar cheese and all the veggies! This dip is perfect for a potluck or get-together so even after all the football games have ended, keep this recipe in mind for your next big gathering!

Meaty Taco Dip

1 ½ lb 95 to 97% lean ground beef or turkey
or sauce less than 5 g of carbs per ¼ cup
3 tbsp taco seasoning, divided
4 ounces diced green chiles
1 ½ cups plain 2% Greek yogurt
6 ounces low fat cream cheese, softened
2 cups reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese
2 cups or 144 grams iceberg lettuce, shredded
½ cup or 90 grams tomatoes, chopped
1 ounce jarred jalapeno slices
Optional garnish: green onions

In a large skillet, crumble and cook ground beef. Drain any fat. Add tomato sauce, 2 tbsp taco seasoning, and green chiles stirring until combined. Let simmer for about 2 minutes. Spread ground beef mixture on the bottom of a 13 x 9 inch casserole dish and let cool to room temperature.
Use a hand mixer to mix Greek yogurt, softened cream cheese, and 1 tbsp taco seasoning in a medium sized bowl until well blended. Spread over ground beef layer.
Then sprinkle cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes on top. Add jalapeno slices and garnish with green onions if desired. Divide into 6 equal portions. Store in the fridge up to 3 days.

Makes 6 Servings
Each serving provides
1 Leaner, 1 Green, 3 Condiments, 1 Healthy Fat and 1/6 Optional Snack

Add 2 additional Greens to make this a full Lean and Green meal. All the ones listed below are 2 Greens:

149 grams sweet bell peppers
144 grams cucumbers slices
153 grams zucchini slices
150 grams celery

For a Vegetarian option: Use 4 ½ cups of Morning Star Farms Grillers Crumbles

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