Egg Foo Yum!

Egg Foo Who? Egg Foo Young! This is another dish I have never tried in Chinese restaurants nor have I ever attempted to make it at home. I have made a much simpler dish similar to this one, but without all the veggies and meat. My mother calls it Thai eggs and we used to eat it with sticky rice or white rice. Can we say carb city? That dish only has two main ingredients which are eggs and fish sauce cooked in a little bit of oil. Ooooh soooo good and soooo simple! It is much like an omelette as well, but enough about that particular dish... we want to know about this Egg Foo Young. This dish is based on Shanghai's classic dish called Fu Yung egg slices. It is one of the earliest omelettes in existence and means lotus flower. Originally, it used egg whites only, but today whole eggs are commonly used. This Chinese/American egg dish has an Asian flavor due to the addition of soy sauce and other spices. How's that for a little history lesson! I have to say that I am liking the addition of veggies and meats to my omelette. It just makes it even more filling! Not that 2 cups of egg beaters isn't filling enough lol but sometimes you just don't want only eggs. Also, you don't have to use shrimp. Try using chicken, beef, pork or go vegetarian and have your other half of your lean later or earlier in the day. Enjoy this yummy dish!

Egg Foo Young

2 teaspoon sesame oil, divided (2 Healthy Fats)
1/4 cup chopped green onion (1/2 Green)
1/4 cup chopped celery (1/2 Green)
1 cup cabbage, shredded (2 Greens)
3.5 oz shrimp, peeled, deveined and roughly chopped, cooked - Optional (1/2 Leanest Lean)
1 tbsp lite soy sauce (1 Condiment)
1/8 tsp garlic powder (1/4 Condiment)
1/8 tsp onion powder (1/4 Condiment)
1/8 tsp ground red pepper - Optional (1/4 Condiment)
1 cup egg beaters (1/2 Leanest Lean)

In a skillet over medium heat, heat 1 tsp sesame oil and lightly fry celery, cabbage and green onion. It is very important not to overcook your veggies. You can use any approved veggie as a substitute for the veggies listed such as zucchini, bean sprouts, green peppers, red peppers, mushrooms, etc. Add shrimp, soy sauce, garlic powder and onion powder. Stir until well blended. If you decide not to use shrimp, remember to add 1/2 a lean sometime during the day. Preferably since using two healthy fats, the lean should come from the leanest group such as shrimp, fish, egg beaters, etc. Remove from heat and transfer to a bowl.

Return the pan to heat, and add 1 tsp sesame oil. When oil is heated, add egg beaters. Fry the eggs while stirring gently. Return the vegetable  and shrimp mixture to the pan while the eggs are still liquid. Finish frying until eggs are fully cooked. I flipped my omelette halfway through. Serve warm.

1 Leanest Lean, 3 Greens, 2 Healthy Fats and 1.75 Condiments

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