Heading to Vacation!

I am heading on vacation tomorrow for 3 weeks! Well, it is actually 4 weeks of vacation but 3 weeks of it will be spent travelling. I am already packed and ready to go! Hubby and I will head to Las Vegas, Oklahoma, and then our last stop will be Dallas. We don't have anything specifically planned at these places, but I am sure whatever we decide to do, we will have tons of fun! We really needed this time together since hubby was deployed for one year and he has just returned a few weeks ago! I thought the year would never end! Surviving a deployment is never easy and I am happy it is over. Unfortunately, this means I won't be posting any new recipes while I am gone, but I will definitely be posting when I return. I am not deserting you lol. It has been a hectic month for me since I moved back to Florida while hubby was deployed and then moved  to Colorado when he returned. Getting everything packed, driving to Colorado from Florida, unpacking and getting settled in our new home, and of course the roller coaster of emotions one goes through right before your loved one arrives and after they arrive really didn't leave me much time to cook in the kitchen. Now that I am all settled and ready to start trying out some great looking recipes, off to vacation I go! Fun times ahead!

I already have some recipes lined up as soon as I return. I have decided to try a variety of Asian dishes. Asian cuisine is my absolute favorite cuisine to eat. This may be because I am half Thai and I grew up with that type of  food. The dishes I want to make will include Egg Foo Young, Japanese Zucchini Stir Fry, Cabbage Wrapped Chicken Pot Stickers, Shrimp Lo Mein, Inside Outside Pork Egg Rolls, Chinese Orange Chicken and Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps. I hope to see you sometime in the middle of August!


  1. Hi Sandy, I used to visit your page every day, but life has been crazy for the past couple of months with moving and family illness and I am just now getting a chance to stop by again. I just wanted to say I'm so glad your husband is back and you get to go on a well-deserved vacation together. Have a great time and I hope you like living in Colorado!

  2. These recipes seems quite tasty...I'll try this...Have great time :)...

    Fruta Planta


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