Stuffed Green Peppers

I love stuffed peppers! This one is a Mexican version using rotel tomatoes and taco seasonings, but you can also make an Italian version by substituting the rotel tomatoes with Italian diced tomatoes and Italian seasonings. Soooo yummy!

Stuffed Green Peppers

7.5 oz 93% lean ground beef, cooked (1 1/2 Lean)
2 oz or 1/2 cup 2% reduced fat Mexican Cheese (1/2 Lean)
1/2 cup cooked cauliflower, grated (1 Green)
1/2 cup Rotel diced tomatoes with green chilies, drained (1 Green)
2 green peppers (4 Greens)
2 tsp low sodium taco seasoning mix (4 Condiments)
2 tbsp salsa (2 Condiments)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cut the tops off of the green peppers and discard. Cut peppers in half from top to bottom. Remove the seeds and membrane of the green peppers. Boil the peppers for about 5 minutes or until tender. Drain.

Combine cooked ground beef, rotel tomatoes, grated cauliflower, taco seasoning, salsa, and half of the cheese in a medium size bowl. Pour the mixture into the green peppers and sprinkle the top with the other half of cheese. Bake for about 20 to 25 minutes or until cheese has melted. Enjoy!

2 Servings with 
1 Lean, 3 Greens, and 3 Condiments
(2 Pepper Halves)

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