Inspirational Video from Margene from "Believing it is Possible"

I wanted to share this beautiful video with you guys from Margene at Believing it is PossibleWarning: You will cry!!! Have tissues handy!  Not because it is sad, no not at all! It is an inspiring video that allows us to feel such happiness and celebration for her weight loss she has accomplished in the past year. You can't help but feel happy for her success! She lost 141 lbs! Gone forever! She is one incredible woman! We all know how difficult this weight loss journey can be and seeing videos like this one helps us realize it is possible to reach our goals. They are within our reach and she’s got the photos and video to prove it! Margene’s video is a collection of photos that demonstrate critical moments she experienced from her weight loss journey through Medifast .I have to say that this is one of the most inspirational videos I have came across yet! Thanks for sharing this wonderful video with us Margene! Also, I wanted to tell you guys that her husband is also part of the Medifast weight loss journey. He has lost 98 lbs! What an amazing couple! Please check out her blog to learn more about their journey. Margene also has an entire section devoted to lean and green ideas that are so yummy if I do say so myself. I believe she is a health coach as well so if you are still looking for one, she would make a great health coach! Enjoy her awesome video!


  1. This is a wonderful inspirational video. I am so happy for her and I know I can do the same thing. I to cried when I watched this video. She got to do so many firsts...Happy tears but tears none the less. Keep up the good work Sandy!

  2. I am happy for her too! I love her video and I am so happy she shared it with us. She is a wonderful inspiration to the weight loss community. Check out her blog sometime!


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