Chinese Orange Chicken

I haven't been  doing so well on Medifast lately. I have been having a difficult time getting back on track. At one time, my lowest weight was 133 lbs with the credit all going to Medifast, but now I am back up to 150 lbs! Ugh! Yeah, I don't want a pity party. I know I did this to myself. I didn't gain it all in one week, but over a couple months. I just need to get focused again and re-evaluate why I keep slipping up. I know it isn't because I do not have the desire to be healthier and thinner because I really do!!! God only knows how much I want that! I think it is more because I have the "think in the moment" rather than "of the future" mentality. In the moment, I want that chocolate cake which is calling my name without thinking of how much damage that piece of cake could do to me. At the moment, I really don't care because I am craving it but not all things we crave are good for you and the funny thing is it only satisfies our craving for that little moment. The feeling of satiety doesn't even last long! Bad habits are always hard to break, especially if you had them most of your life. Change is hard even if it is for the better. I know many of us go through these cycles of ups and downs and it is only up to ourselves if we want to change how we think. I believe it is possible to get this weight off and that is the first step in accomplishing this goal. As they say, anything is possible if you put your mind to it. As a way for me to re-gain my focus, I have decided to do some challenges. I for one, love challenges! One challenge is the Halloween challenge in which I chose a desired goal weight I wish to achieve by Halloween. I picked 130 lbs, which my weight loss ticker reflects that. The other challenge is with a group from the Medifast forums called Warriors with a Heart, but I have been following them mostly through  face book. The challenge is to stay on plan with no excuses for 30 days! DeeAnn McAdoo, who began this challengee, has been so kind to donate $1 per pound lost as a group to a charity we all agree upon. Wow! That is incredible! To make the challenge even MORE sweeter if it wasn't enough already, Vadim Chernov made a generous offer to donate $300 toward Medifast food to whoever loses the most percentage of weight. I admire how much these two are supporting our weight loss, not because of monetary donations, but also because they are dedicated to supporting us reach our weight loss goals. It really shows that these two care about our success on Medifast. This makes me want to try even harder to get this weight off. This is only the second day of that particular challenge and so far so good. I am usually a daily weigher, but I am going to try something different this time around. I will not be weighing myself every day, but only once a week which will be on Mondays. Follow me and see how I do with these two challenges. Reading your comments inspires me to continue this weight loss journey. I love finding out if you enjoyed a recipe or not, your ideas and thoughts about what I may have wrote about on my blog or just to simply say how you are doing on your weight loss journey. It is so much easier to get through this together than alone. So come on! Let's ALL do this!

Here is my before photos taken only yesterday for the 30 day challenge of staying on plan. My weight here is 150 lbs! I can't wait to see how my after photos will look after 30 days!!!

As for the recipe... (which I have a great one to share today!), I have seen it floating around for some time now and I have finally got around to cooking it. It was posted by Helen on the Medifast face book page and a lot of people seemed to enjoy it. I have to say it was really good. It had a kinda sweet orange flavor and the chicken turned out really moist and juicy. Just make sure not to overcook it, otherwise it will turn out tough. It only took mine about 5 to 8 minutes to cook! I really loved the addition of both green and red peppers and I think it really enhanced the dish. Usually red peppers are more expensive than green so I usually use just green peppers, but the Wally World (Wal-mart) had such a great sell on the red so I used both. When the meat simmers down with the peppers and garlic in the orange sauce, it really adds a lot of flavor! Very good and a nice change from the traditional stir fry made with soy sauce. Serve it over a bed of cauliflower as a substitute for rice and you have a great Chinese stir fry. Enjoy!

Chinese Orange Chicken

8 oz raw chicken breasts, cubed - should yield 6 oz cooked (1 Leaner Lean)
1/4 cup chicken broth (1/4 Condiment)
1 cup diet orange soda with 0 carbs
1/2 tsp Chinese Five Spice Blend (2 Condiments)
1/2 cup green and red peppers, sliced (1 Green)
1 tsp olive oil (1 Healthy Fat)
1/4 tsp garlic powder (1/2 Condiment)
1 cup grated, cooked cauliflower (2 Greens)
Red pepper flakes (optional)

Heat oil in a medium skillet over medium high heat and add peppers. Cook for a few minutes until peppers are tender. Add chicken broth, soda, and Chinese 5 spice and stir until blended. Add cut-up chicken breasts, and sauté until cooked through. Serve over grated, cooked cauliflower.

1 Leaner Lean, 3 Greens, 2.75 Condiments and 1 Healthy Fat

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