Slutty Brownie

This turned out really good! I love how ChrisTomMeg uses blended cottage cheese with sugar free syrup to make this an awesome dessert. I have tried it cold and warm, but my preference is warm! Right out of the microwave is the best way to eat these in my opinion! Enjoy her yummy recipe!

Slutty Brownie
Recipe from ChrisTomMeg (Medifast Boards)

1 MF brownie (1 Meal)
1 MF chocolate chip soft bake (1 Meal)
1/4 cup 1% Cottage Cheese ( 1/6 lean)
SF caramel syrup (or just a little vanilla extract) I used 1 tbsp Torani Sugar Free English Toffee Syrup (1/2 a condiment)

 Mix up your brownie mix according to directions, split between two small ramekins.
Mix up your soft bake and set aside.
Whip the cottage cheese with the Syrup in Magic bullet to get the lumps out.
Pour the cottage cheese mixture over the brownie, then top with drops of the Soft bake.
Microwave 1 minute (it will be underdone).
Eat warm or freeze 30 minutes and then eat.
2 Servings with 1 Meal, 1/12 Lean, and 1/4 Condiment per serving
  DISCLAIMER always check your own measurements-do not go by my count alone......
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