Bacon Cheeseburger Soup

I am down another pound today! I hope it keeps going down at this quick rate, but I know I will see a slow down pretty soon since I just recommitted myself. I have been adding 40 minutes of walking on the treadmill with an incline every other day so I hope that will help my weight loss too. I actually look forward to working out now which I never thought I would ever say that :) Yay!

 I just kind of threw this dish together at the last minute. The beef, cheese, and bacon remind me of a bacon cheeseburger so I just threw in some beef broth and a laughing cow cheese wedge to make it a bit more creamier and you have Bacon Cheeseburger Soup! I used 2.5 oz cooked ground beef and 1/2 cup of cheese, but you could use a leaner beef if you like. No need to add any additional spices. The beef broth adds enough sodium and the laughing cow cheese adds some flavor. Sooo good, especially on those cold days coming up soon! I just love those chunks of diced tomatoes! Enjoy!

Bacon Cheeseburger Soup

2.5 oz 93% lean ground beef, cooked (1/2 Lean)
1/2 cup 2% reduced fat Mexican Cheese (1/2 Lean)
1 cup low sodium beef broth (1 Condiment)
1 wedge Light Garlic and Herb Laughing Cow Cheese (1 Condiment)
1/2 cup diced tomatoes in juice (1 Green)
1 tsp turkey bacon bits (1/3 Condiment)

Combine all ingredients in a sauce pan and cook over medium high heat until cheese has melted.

1 Lean, 1 Green (Need 2 more Greens), and 2.3 Condiments

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