Mexican Beef Egg Burrito

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Well, I have good news and bad news. I will start with the bad news first. Silly little me didn't realize I no longer qualified for the challenge with the "Warriors with a Heart". The challenge was to stay 30 days on plan! I have had a few hiccups in the previous weeks, which I have mentioned here before, concerning my late night eating problem. But! I have recently found a solution which is to eat more protein such as cheese sticks instead of any of the  naughty foods I used to eat. Well, being that I was not completely on plan, I have kicked my booty out of the challenge. Boo hoo! I am not sure what I was thinking! I must have been thinking that it went by how much weight you lost. Well, you may be saying... duh Sandy! The name of the challenge is to stay 30 days on plan not lose the most weight LOL :) Anyways, it isn't completely terrible news because I got two things from the challenge. I lost 10 lbs in 21 days of the challenge and I realized I needed to learn to follow rules more often ha ha! So my good news is that I have lost 10 lbs, which I really don't think I could have done without this challenge. No siree! I am happy with the loss and it hasn't been 30 days yet. I must say that I am still pretending I am in the challenge (which ends next Tuesday) so I can keep myself motivated. Pretend with me and cheer me on! Ha ha! Good luck to those who are really in the challenge and not pretending! :)

I made this over the weekend and I just fell in love with it! I already made it twice in a row! Yes, it was that good! I took the basic chili recipe that I use often which is ground beef, diced tomatoes, taco seasoning and laughing cow cheese. I put laughing cow or a tablespoon of cream cheese because I like the chili to be creamy. Mixed it all up and spread it on an omelet. Wrapped it like a burrito topped with chipotle salsa. It was delicious! My father always eats his eggs with picante sauce while most everyone else in my family eats theirs with ketchup. I always look at them like they are crazy and ate my eggs plain with maybe salt and pepper. I know I am a plain Jane, but now I know what I was missing all those years. Eggs taste yummy with salsa, especially chipotle salsa! Not to mention, this dish does taste like a burrito. Give this a try for a change in the way you eat your eggs. Enjoy the recipe!

Creamy, yummy chili inside!

Mexican Beef Egg Burrito

2.5 oz 93% Ground Beef, cooked (1/2 Lean)
1 Light Queso Fresco and Chipotle Laughing Cow Cheese (1/2 Healthy Fat)
1/4 cup Rotel Tomatoes or Diced Tomatoes (1/2 Green)
1/2 tsp Taco Seasoning (.75 Condiments)
1 cup Egg Beaters (1/2 Lean)
1 tbsp Chipotle Salsa (1 Condiment)

Combine cooked ground beef with, tomatoes, laughing cow cheese and taco seasoning until combined over medium high heat. Set aside.

Spray a non-stick skillet with cooking spray over medium high heat. Add egg beaters. When one side is done, flip to cook the other side like an omelet.

Place the omelet on a plate. Add ground beef mixture to the center and fold one side over the meat mixture. Then fold the other side over the meat to form a burrito. Top with 1 tbsp of salsa. Delicious!

*You could use 1 tbsp regular cream cheese as 1 Healthy Fat or 1 tbsp light cream cheese as 1 Condiment

1 Lean, 1/2 of 1 Green (you still need to add 2 1/2 Greens), 1.75 Condiments and 1 /2 Healthy Fat (need 1/2 Healthy Fat more)

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