I am not sure if you guys are familiar with the candy called haystacks? It is commonly known in the South as a crunchy candy using chow mein noodles, butterscotch morsels, peanuts, and peanut butter. They are delicious! I miss those! Well, these are a variation of that recipe using the Medifast pretzels, hot cocoa or brownie, and peanut butter. I have to say these were pretty good. Definitely not as good as the original haystacks made with butterscotch morsels but these do seem like candy. If you would like them sweeter, try adding a packet of splenda. This will definitely be a great way for me to get rid of my pretzels. You can also try substituting the peanut butter for cream cheese. Enjoy!


1 MF Hot Cocoa or Brownie Mix (1 Meal)
1 MF Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks, crushed (1 Meal)
3 tbsp water
2 tbsp PB2 (1 Snack)
1 packet Stevia - optional (1 Condiment)

Crush the pretzels by opening one side of the bag and squeezing the bag to form crumbs. In a small bowl, combine hot cocoa or brownie mix with 3 tbsp of water to form a paste. Add 1 tbsp pb2 and splenda; stir until combined. Add the crushed pretzels to the mixture and stir making sure the pretzels are evenly coated. Drop the haystacks on a piece of foil or plate forming 6 piles. Freeze for at least 30 minutes to an hour.

2 Servings with 1 Meal, 1/2 Condiment and 1/2 Snack per Serving

*Try adding 1 tbsp light cream cheese instead of the peanut butter for a different variation.This would be 1/2 Condiment or 1 Condiment if using Splenda instead of 1/2 a Snack.

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