Coconut Pudding

This is a great recipe if you have left over coconut milk and you are trying to find ways to use it up. The coconut milk has a subtle flavor so I decided to add a little bit of coconut extract for a stronger flavor as well as sweeten the pudding more with Splenda. Very good! You could also use coconut milk in your shakes as well. Why not try it with chocolate pudding or the mango soft serve. When using coconut milk, make sure you account for the number of condiments you use because 1/3 cup is 1 healthy fat if you use Thai Kitchen brand. So if I use it in the pudding, I would add 1/3 cup coconut milk and add enough water until I get a 1/2 cup of liquid. If I use it in a shake, I would use 2/3 cup coconut milk as 2 healthy fats and add enough water to equal 1 cup. I hope you enjoy the recipe!

Coconut Pudding

1 MF Vanilla Pudding (1 Meal)
1/3 cup Thai Kitchen Lite Coconut Milk (1 Healthy Fat approved by NS)
1/8 tsp coconut extract (.125 Condiments)
1/2 packet Splenda (.50 Condiments)

Empty vanilla packet in a small bowl. Take 1/3 cup coconut milk and just enough water to make 1/2 cup of liquid and add to pudding. Add coconut extract and splenda and whisk until completely blended. Refrigerate for 15 to 30 minutes. Enjoy!

1 Meal, 1 Healthy Fat and .625 Condiments

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